Pinning for Prosperity

picstitchHey girl hey! So the other day I woke up and thought about how powerful visions are. Visions whether good or bad can shape your life if you follow it. If I see something I want I start to vision myself with it.

One of my favorite ways to vision is by looking through magazines of luxury homes. I also enjoy looking at luxury cars, driving in beautiful residential communities, and creating vision boards. However these days my absolute FAVORITE thing to do is “pin”. If you have a pinterest you know what I’m talking about. Pinterest has become a way of life in girl world.

I am always hearing or I find myself saying, “So I saw this thing on pinterest…” or “I got it off pinterest”. Admit it you know you have too. It’s true everything is on pinterest even if it’s not people will find it and put it on there. I love it because it helps me create something in an area of my life that I want to happen. Image creates desire. Once that image is rooted in my mind a new vision is made for myself. Remember visions whether good or bad can shape your life.

Behind the hype, fun, and silly addiction we are all creating visions of our life experience through pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual vision board. It’s a virtual vision board that we can create for each area of our life that we want to experience. We have a board for clothes, makeup, men, business, homes, bathrooms, weddings, animals, kids and the list goes on. Believe it or not you are creating your life experience based on what you see and how you see yourself.

Pinterest is great for me because it gives me ideas of the lifestyle I want to create. Those ideas help me choose what I want to see myself with. I see myself living abundantly, healthy, wealthy and happy. I go to work to make that a reality every day by meditating and following those that have what I want or have surpassed what I want. One thing I want right now is a new car and I am specific about it: 2013 BMW x5 premium edition, black exterior, white leather interior, automatic, moon roof, and wood dash. I’ve pinned pictures of it and even taken a picture with one so now I truly see myself with it. Now because I am doing my part the universe will do the rest. It’s only a matter of time.

Do you want a prosperous life? Pin your boards for prosperity. Pin that thing that you desire and see yourself with it. Maybe you want  a new house. Look at your home board (cause I know you have one) and take down some ideas that you love. Get creative in making it happen. Or maybe you want a new wardrobe. Pick an outfit that you have fallen in love with on pinterest and go to work on creating it. How many pieces does the outfit have? What are the colors? Is it casual or dressy? Take the picture write down the items, and begin to look around through stores or the internet. Put the outfit together piece by piece or all together at one time. After you’ve completed that outfit move to the next one you want and repeat the same process. The great thing is the process can be applied to anything else. Choose something you want and little by little create it for yourself. If you decide to try it let me know I’d love to hear about your experience.

You will begin to see (if you have not already) that pinterest can really be used as a tool to help you move forward toward your dreams and goals. The next time you start pinning see yourself with it already because what you see is what you get.

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