Who’s Dream Are You Building?

photo (52)Hey girl hey! Every single day you are investing your time, energy and resources into someone or something. When you go out to lunch, go shopping, buy Starbucks, pay for your gym membership, or go to your 9-5 you have invested your time, energy and resources into something or someone else. My question to you is are you taking anytime out of the 24 hours given to you each day to invest in yourself or where you want to go? Someone once told me that if you work at a building that does not have your name on it you are working for someone else. Does your dream have your name on it? I empower and encourage you to work on your dreams everyday! A little goes a long way! It’s important to help others achieve their dreams, but don’t forget about yours because“if you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs”~Tony Gaskin. Join me on POLiSHED Radio @10 am PST and have a terrific tremendous tough Tuesday!

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