CAUTION…..Look At Their Picture

photo (56)Hey girl hey! Have you ever taken someone’s advice from whom you loved or respected, yet did not like the picture they were living in? Have you ever taken advice from someone whom you did not know yet they had what you wanted? Who’s advice did you OR would you take? A few years ago I began investing in myself through personal development. I read books to expand my mindset and listened to mentors that could give me a bigger vision of myself. I still continue to do so today. One of my mentors told me that if I do not want to have the same picture of someone else (their lifestyle, health, relationships) then I should not take their advice. That has stuck with me until this day! I am very careful whose advice I take including my family. And you will have to do the same on your journey of life. Once you commit to your goals and dreams people (friends and family included) will tell you all kinds of nonsense. I have learned that most people have no idea what they are talking about yet they want to tell everyone else what to do. You MUST be keen on whose advice you take! Simply put if someone has what you want or you like where they are headed follow them and take their advice. If someone does not have what you want or you don’t like where they are headed be cautious about what they tell you. Your dreams and goals depend on you. It’s up to you to give them life! Keep moving forward. Keep your eye on the goal and let’s get it done! Have a #wonderfulwealthwerkwednesday! I hope to see you on POLiSHED Radio @ 10 am PST!

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