Forgive and Give Yourself Permission….

photo (57)Hey girl hey! Have you ever felt so low to the point where you did not feel deserving of certain things? Have you ever wanted something in life but felt that you were not worthy of attaining it?

I remember moments in my life where I wanted something yet I would unconsciously do things to push it away. I remember feeling that no guy would ever want me. So I would literally say that I hated relationships to make myself feel better. I did not realize that I was pushing the possibility of ever having a great relationship away from me.After a lot of growth and self-love I have learned that I am worthy of anything good and great to come in my life and you are too!

Maybe you have never had that problem with relationships. Maybe you have felt undeserving in different areas of your life be it wealth, a luxury car, love or pure happiness you are deserving of it ALL!

Back in 2011 I was faced with this quote and it broke me free from a lot of bondage: “You will manifest prosperity in direct proportion to the degree you believe you are worthy of it….you get what you believe you deserve. And if you do not believe you a worth enough the self-sabotage starts. You were born to be healthy, happy, and prosperous! Forgive yourself. Give yourself permission for prosperity and to win!”~Randy Gage.

Wherever you are in life. Whatever you are going through forgive and give yourself permission to receive the prosperous life that you deserve! You are worthy of anything great and good to come into your life. I believe in you and your dreams! Hold your head high! Continue to move forward! Keep your eye on the goal and let’s get it done! Have a great #thoughtfulthankfulthursday and I hope to see you on POLiSHED Radio @ 10 am PST!

1 thought on “Forgive and Give Yourself Permission….

  1. Love it!! Keep them coming I look forward to reading them each and every day!! xoxo

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