The Excavator of Human Potential

774831_596109850405049_336177366_oHey girl hey! Have you ever questioned things in your life? Have you ever questioned politics, religion, government, school, or even your friends and family? Well a few years ago one of my mentors inspired me to question everything in my life. Since then I have been very careful of what I allow to be implanted in my mind, body, and soul! In order to create the life of your dreams you will have to do the same.

A few years ago I was in a mental rut and this person helped me help myself get out of what I thought was rock bottom. He might be able to help and inspire you. This powerful person who changed my thinking is an acclaimed author, and international speaker who has trained over 300, 000 people worldwide. He trains on subjects including: leadership, success, mindset, motivation, and personal growth. He is the Chairman and CEO of C.S. Hughes International and Creator of the One-Minute Mentoring Program. He is the one the only Chris Hughes! Chris Hughes is the “Excavator of Human Potential” and he is only getting started! Join me today on POLiSHED Radio and find out how the Excavator of Human Potential can inspire you!

Click here to read, “Communism, Slavery & Public Education”

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