Be Free

photo (65)Hey girl hey! Good morning! I hope you are having a fabulous wonderful wealth werk Wednesday! You better be werkin’ it because there is absolutely no one that can do it like you do.

I just want to tell you on your journey to creating the life of your dreams to be free! Be free in your thinking. Be open to new possibilities. Most importantly be free from the opinions of others. When creating your life and going for your goals people try to keep you stuck in their way of thinking. However, it is you that keeps you stuck in your old way of thinking. That thinking will attract you to all the people, things, and conditions in your life that you are trying to break from. It starts with you.

Since it starts with you that gives you the power to take ownership of your mind. You have the responsibility and power to choose what you want to believe. You are not obligated to follow everyone else. You are not bound to your old beliefs.

When you are going for your dreams you really can’t follow everyone else. You can’t stay stuck in your old way of thinking and expect different results. No one can create what is in your mind. No one can see what is in your mind. The only thing that you can listen to and follow is your heart. It is my passion to empower, encourage, and inspire you to create the life of your dreams so join me on POLiSHED Radio to hear your powerful positive daily inspiration.

*POLiSHED Radio is now available on iTunes.

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