Lessons on the Dance Floor

ImageHey girl hey! It’s wonderful wealth werk wednesday! You better werk it out today because no one can just like you! So I was thinking about how much I used to dance when I was a teen. I still dance today but not as much as I used to. I would be at the studio pretty much everyday and I was dancing about 15 hours a week. Sounds like a lot in high school.

Honestly I LOVED it! I loved going to the dance studio and being there with my friends. I was in an encouraging, positive, motivating environment. I had my dance team whom I loved! We  were committed and worked hard, but we knew how to have fun! I give the credit to our dance coach who showed us how to have all of these things. She showed us how to be encouraging to each other, work hard, and to also have fun! She gave us great advice to us girls and one thing she said has stuck with me to this day! Join me on POLiSHED Radio to see how her advice can inspire you to create the life of your dreams!

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