Up Up Here We Go!

photo (86)Hey girl hey! Happy wonderful wealth werk Wednesday! So Summer is here and it is time to hit up on some vacay! Summer is probably one of the busiest times to travel and I LOVE traveling! I don’t just love traveling but I love the process of traveling!

I love everything to packing, checking in, the airplane, flying, and getting to my desired destination. I think it’s just so much fun and I’m sure hundreds of thousands of people all over the world would agree. It’s kind of funny that I don’t know anything about the airplane or flight crew yet I am trusting them to get me from point A to point B safely and on time.

Think about it. The majority of us when traveling do not have any idea of what’s going on with the airplane. We don’t know the condition of the plane or the pilots. The pilots could be completely illiterate or drunk the airplane could be improperly fueled or something could be wrong with the engine. Who knows?!

In thinking about this I thought that it’s funny that most of us will put our total faith in someone and something we don’t know yet when creating a goal for our own life sometimes we have a problem taking the first step. Join me today on POLiSHED Radio to get your tips for trusting yourself, your process, and your goal!

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