It’s Time To Kill And Run!

photo (89)Hey girl hey! How is your day going so far? I hope great! I hope you are feeling magnificently marvelous on this Monday! Just a quick reminder the reveal of the POLiSHED Radio giveaway will be revealed this Thursday on POLiSHED Radio. So stay tuned because who knows maybe your idea was chosen.

So have you heard the new song from Sia? If you don’t know who she is she is an amazing artist and her songs are incredible! I was listening to one of her songs the other day “Kill and Run” which is also now one of my favs! As I was zoning out and getting lost in the melody I started thinking yes it is time to kill and run! It’s time to kill off some old ways and run to the new ways. It’s time to kill off the old self and run I mean RUN to the new self! Yes my friend it is time!

I don’t know where you are in life, but you have a wonderful, great, rich life waiting on you! Your true self on the inside is just waiting to come alive! However it is time that you kill off your old thoughts, beliefs, relationships, friendships, and opinions that continue to drag you down and keep you there! It is time to run to no it’s time to sprint to every thought, belief, relationship, friendship and opinion that is going to pull and push you forward in the direction of your dreams! Are you ready? Join me on today’s episode and if you are truly ready to change…

…if you are serious about making a shift in everything and moving forward you may be ready for your polished life.

If you are ready to live  polishedley click here

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