What Are You Co-Signing With?

Hey girl hey so this has been on my heart for a while and i feel that it should be brought up. Every single day of our life we have the power to decide what we are going to focus on. We can choose to be master of our life or be over powered by it. You hav the choicd to side with your strengths or your weaknesses. Which one do you choose?

Once you decide to embark on the journey of your dreams you take your strengths and weaknesses along. Some weaknesses you leave behind and you gain new strength by overcoming new weaknesses or hidden weakness along your path. It comes down to you how you are going to handle it.

So decide today which one you will co-sign with. You are your greatest solution and your greatest problem. You can be your biggest asset or biggest liability. You can give power to your strengths or your weaknesses.

Its up to you…

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