Check This Out!

photoHey girl hey I hope you are having a pleasant day. It is such a nice relaxing day it took me a while to get out of bed. Around 11:55 AM I decided I should get up already. After eating my late delicious breakfast LOL I began reading my book, “The Magic of Believing” by Claude M. Bristol. I bought this book a year ago and this is my third time reading it. It’s a tiny yet powerful book which I highly recommend to you.

The book basically talks about how our belief in anything shapes everything in our life. All things are possible to anyone who believes, but without the belief nothing can happen. The author gives different techniques to increase one’s belief and shares stories of people’s belief’s shaping their circumstances.

Anyways I read something in this book that I thought was so powerful and thought I’d share it with you. It says: If you do not follow your own thoughts, then you will follow the thoughts of the fellow who followed his….you who do not think or use your creative ability are always being given orders by those who do. Unless you are willing to think, you will have to labor physically, and this means you will receive less for your work.”(p.102-103 The Magic Of Believing).

I read this and thought whooooooooooooa this is a bold statement. It might be hard to swallow if you have had a job all of your life or never used your creativity to try something new. Whatever the case I give this to you to encourage you to go for your dreams and not settle. Unless you want to be paid less for your work and creativity refuse to allow the thoughts and opinions or actions of others to control you and your destiny. Use your powerful mind to think and to choose what you want to be, do, and have in your life! You are beautifully unique and have a purpose which you have chosen to fulfill!

Keep your eye on the goal. Continue to move forward and let’s get it DONE!

The world is waiting for you. Don’t let the world wait another second!


2 thoughts on “Check This Out!

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