See What You Want

Hey girl hey! So I am on my way to Denver, CO for business. I am so excited for this weekend because I am investing in myself the more I invest in myself the more valuable I become which means I have more to give to you! Awesome huh?!

So as I’m on the airplane (BTW I love flying) I’m looking out the window as we take off! We go through some fog and after we pass through it I see mountain tops and what looks like a great big blanket of mashed potatoes lol. I know they were just clouds but to me they looked like mashed potatoes.

I switched my imagination and began to see a huge blanket of whipped cream mmmmmm. Did you ever used to do that as a kid? Would you lie down on the gound look up to the sky and see the clouds change shape? Did you allow your imagination to expand and see things that only you could see?

I love imagining because I can choose to see what I want to see even if no one sees it I still see it because it’s my imagination.

You my friend can do that too! You can choose to see whatever you decide in your head. Your brain will go to work and bring it into manifestation. Whatever you choose to see in your life and in the world is what you will see. Good or bad. Right or wrong. Black or white. It all comes down to you.

You can choose to see the success in yourself or your failures. You can choose to see your beauty or your ugliness. You can choose to see abundance or scarcity. You get to decide!

As you continue on your journey to creating the life of your dreams continue to choose to see the things that are going to benefit you. Use your imagination and create YOUR world. Remember and know that you are the CEO of your life. You have the final say!

Keep your eye on the goal. Continue to move forward and let’s get it done! Remember to live love and laugh. This is your girl Brandi saying be free. Be you and be polished!

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1 thought on “See What You Want

  1. All true!! Great words of encouragement! I’ll be following!

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