Do What Needs To Be Done

Hey girl hey are you ready for your next level in life? Sometimes when I am getting ready to take it up a notch and stretch myself I worry, hesitate, or get scared. I’ll get excited about where I am headed and then realize that some work needs to be done before I can arrive to my desired destination.

Has this happened to you?

What did you do?

Did you continue to move forward no matter what it took or how you felt? Did you move forward inspite of what may have been happening around you? Did you shrink back and stop moving forward? Were you worried about the outcome or what you’d have to do to get there?

Girl I have been there!

I have shrunk away from my desires so many times. And every time I shrunk down it decreased my self image and I got frustrated with myself. Through my actions I told myself that I was not worth it or it was not possible for me. I have learned and am still learning that whatever needs to get done…needs to get done! I have a stronger belief that I am worth it, yet no one is going to hold my hand or do it for me because it’s my responsibilty. Yes there is help available but it really comes down to me.

The same applies to you as well.

It’s up to you to make things happen. It’s up to you to get what needs to be done….done. Whatever it was or whatever it may be that you desire is waiting for you, but only YOU can make it happen! The only person that stops you is you! The only person between you and your success is you! The only person limiting yourself is you! You MUST focus on what needs to get done. It’s up to you to attain or achieve what you want!

Refuse to shrink. Refuse to buy into your excuses. Stop listening to the loser inside you and embrace your inner champion. YOU CAN DO IT!

Keep your eye on the goal continue to move foward and let’s get it done! This is your girl Brandi saying be free. Be you and be polished!

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