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543411_10151069985717050_1709525735_nBrandi Minter is the motivator, speaker, author, choreographer and freedom builder of young women today. With her abundance mindset and optimistic attitude she encourages women to be financially educated and self reliant. She believes that any woman can be what she wants and live the life she wants with dedication, commitment, and a financial education. Brandi is the creator and founder of, POLiSHED, and  author of, “POLiSHED: My Financial Manicure”.

Things weren’t always so “polished”….

After graduating college with a degree in dance in 2006, Brandi struggled to figure out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. As the college loans started increasing Brandi continued teaching dance and tested different network marketing companies on the side. Some wrong financial decisions led to a repossessed car, increased bad debt, and no job. The discipline, passion and commitment to run a business slowly faded away.

Personal Development Changed Everything…

In 2009, Brandi had begun investing in herself through prosperity books and inspirational audio. These associations expanded her mind and changed her perspective on life. When Brandi hit rock bottom (or so she had thought) she continued to listen and apply the words of the wise. After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” a second time in 2011, a passion for financial education was formulated.  She thought that it was so much fun learning about the history and science of money. She learned the language of money and the ways of the wealthy.

An Idea Is Born…

In February 2012, POLiSHED, was born and 10 months after that “POLiSHED: My Financial Manicure” was published. Brandi created POLiSHED to bring a network of young women all over the globe to empower and encourage each other through financial education. The network inspires young women to invest in their mind and move in the direction of their dreams. Brandi shares her story, strategy, and message through her book. Millions of readers have been moved to take action toward their goals from Brandi’s small, yet powerful book!

Brandi continues to develop young women leaders through coaching and mentoring. She also loves helping other womenpreneurs promote their business, and she’s just getting started!

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5 thoughts on “Brandi’s Bio

  1. Brandi, thanks for the tweet connection. I would love to make a 2013 business connection with you. I truly believe we definitely got some amazing things in common.

    1. Hey Anner thank you. I would love to connect with you this year. I checked out your site and I love what you are doing.

  2. Your blog is really great Brandi, I would like to appreciate you…!!!

  3. Hi, thank you for making a connection through and our Facbook -page! I love your angle combining the girly language of beauty with financial freedom. Women can be put off to learn about money and success as many times the language is very male. Let’s stay connected! Miisaxx

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