Why Playing The Lottery Doesn’t Work!

Hey girl hey have you ever bought a lotto ticket or thought about buying one? When I was younger I used to think I could just win the lottery and live happily ever after lol….

I’ve seen ads and commercials about winning the lottery and I have a thought why most people never win.

Think about it do you expect a return before you make a deposit from the bank? Do you expect to have clean clothes before putting it in the washing machine? Has a farmer ever grown anything before planting the seed first?

This is a universal law. The effect never precedes the cause. It is you that must move things into action! You have to take the first step.

Hoping, wishing, praying for something to happen whether it’s to win the lotto or not, won’t happen because no deposit or investment has been made. And if it ever does happen it won’t last long.

So remember this in everything. You are the cause of everything in your life. It’s your actions that precede any effect. Whatever you sow you’ll reap.

Keep your eye on the goal. Continue to move forward and let’s get it done.

Your girl,


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It’s Time To Wipe Your Own Butt

Hey girl hey I am headed back home and had a transforming weekend! I am even MORE excited where POLiSHED is going and for your success!

Today as I was standing in line to go through security I heard people whining, griping, and complaining about how long the line was and how bad security was. Let’s just say it took me about 15-20 minutes to get through the line.

Now people that were late for their flight I can understand, but does that really solve anything?

If you’re late for anything who’s fault is it really? (hint hint)

A lady turned to me and said, “I just hate this part about flying” I told her it’s better safe then sorry and she agreed. Now I know we are just talking about the line and safety, however I feel that so many people go through life whining, griping, and complaining about everything.

Complaining about this and that. Blaming this person or that person, but never blaming themselves. Complaining about things in my life has never gotten me anywhere and it won’t for anyone else!

I figure you can complain through life or stop whining and DO something about it. If you ever feel that something needs to change or get done that is YOUR own personal opportunity given to you from the universe to step up and grow up!

The people that do what needs to get done are the ones living the life the way they want. They are willing to do whatever it takes by sacrificing something of lesser value to gain something of greater value like complaining.

If you want to go through life expecting someone to pick up after you and wipe your butt then I suggest you go back to kindergarden and kick it with the 5 year olds. If that doesn’t sound appealing it’s time to step it up and grow the hell up!

Girl go out there and make your dreams happen! Demand the universe to bend to your command! Do WHATEVER it takes and do not accept failure as an option!!! You CAN DO IT!!

Remember to live love and laugh. This is your girl Brandi saying be free be you and be polished!

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Your Words Are Powerful!

Hey girl hey I just wanted to let you know that you are so powerful! Your words are so powerful which means you can’t waste them on just anyone or anything!

Whatever you put out into the universe is going to come back to you. Be careful how you talk to yourself. Be careful how you talk to others. Your life is literally shaped by your words.

Just think if every word you released from your mouth cost you $100 how would you use them?

Who or what would you use your words on? Think then think again with the words you choose to use.

Remember to live love and laugh! This is your girl Brandi saying be free be you and be polished!

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