What’s POLiSHED All About?


Hey girl hey! So I’m sure you are probably wondering if this girl Brandi is crazy obsessed with polish or if POLiSHED is for people crazy obsessed with polish! Well my friend the answer is yes to both! I love nail polish! I love polishing my nails so much that I do them 2-3 times a week. I think it is so much fun to be able to express yourself with something so small. It is the small things that can have a huge effect. I truly believe that the presentation in your nails can make or break your appearance. If you have on a fierce outfit, hair done, and flawless makeup, with chic, evenly filed, glossy nails that can make and heighten your appearance. However if you have on that same outfit, same hairstyle, flawless makeup, but your nails are cracked, chipped, not filed, dirty, or broken that can break your appearance. Anyone that loves nail polish just as much as I do can agree with that!

So what does this all have to do with POLiSHED?

You see a few years ago I was at what I thought was rock bottom. I was back at home with my mom. I did not have a cell phone, a car, a job, or money. All of that was a result of some financial decisions I had made which affected my friends and family. I had an amazing opportunity with a company that had sold me the dream that I had envisioned since I was a young girl. That dream was to do what I want, when I want, where I want, with whomever I want. I did not realize that my dream came with a price of commitment, persistence, focus, determination, and faith. Due to a lack of discipline my dreams and hopes were squashed. The financial decisions that brought me to this point actually started a lot earlier than I realized.

I don’t know how it was for you growing up, but I was raised with the belief that money was the root of all evil yet I needed it to live. I was raised to believe that I could do what ever I wanted to do in life, but I needed to find a job even if I didn’t like it because the bills had to be paid. I was told to rely on God for everything, yet depending on the government is what everyone around me chose. I wasn’t ever told that rich people are crooks, but I was raised to believe that I could never be one of them. I began to question this “wisdom” after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. This book opened my eyes, challenged my thinking, and gave me a new perspective on my life. Through Robert Kiyosaki’s teachings and philosophies I realized what I ultimately was seeking in life was freedom not just any freedom, but financial freedom. 

The freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want, with whomever I want was my dream. Financial freedom was the necessity in order to realize my dream. Deep down inside I wanted to be rich. I believed that it is my Divine birthright to be rich! I figured all of this out by getting extremely clear by using one of my deepest passions (polishing my nails) and applying it to my life. This was the birth of the financial manicure. I did what I normally do when polishing my nails, but took it on a personal note.

Instead of soaking my hands I soaked my mind into my imagination, visions, and dreams and got clear with what I really wanted. Instead of buffing my nails I buffed and removed the things, people, and beliefs that were dead to me and no longer served me. Instead of filing my nails I chose the shape that I wanted to create in my life which was to be rich. I formed a base in my life by investing in myself through financial education and personal development. Applying a base to your nails helps the enamel last longer and protects your nails. I figured the deeper and stronger my base was the better I could protect myself, the longer I could stand, and the higher I could go. One thing I love about polishing my nails is the infinite options of colors to choose from. I used this to help me remember that I have so many different paths to choose from in life in getting to my destination. There is no right or wrong way just like there is no right or wrong nail color to wear on your nails. As long as the destination remains it doesn’t matter how I get there. Just like a manicure is no manicure without a glossy top coat a goal without accountability is no goal at all. So I told myself to have a coach or mentor to hold me accountable. I concluded by attaching a deadline with a reward to my goal. I figured it would be like getting to do something fun after my nails were dry.

So what does this all have to do with POLiSHED?

Remember that I said it is the small things that can have a huge effect?  Well just like the appearance of your nails can make or break your appearance your knowledge of money or lack of can make or break your life. The beliefs that surrounded me about money growing up caused me to make decisions that put me and others in financial hardship. Beliefs about money will make or break your life. Beliefs about money will free or enslave you. Having or accumulating heaps of money is not what makes you rich. What you know about money and applying it is what makes you rich.

The beliefs that I had towards money kept me enslaved in college debt, car notes, and limited living. I sought the wisdom and knowledge to create the belief about money that would give me the ultimate rich life. I looked for people that had the lifestyle I desired and chose to follow them. The thought of having my finances polished as beautifully as my nails was the goal. The thought of creating a worldwide network of like minded young women aiming to live, act, and think rich was even better! And so, the conception of POLiSHED was formed.

I feel that most of us ladies love to have every aspect of our life (including our nails) to be polished. Whether it be our hair, makeup, house, car, wardrobe, shoes, jewelry or even the man in our life. Some of us ladies just love to have things a certain way. The appearance of things in our life is a reflection of how we think, feel, and believe about ourselves. In order to have most things in life it takes money. So why not be educated and master this very thing that can make all aspects of our life better. Why not have your finances and financial education polished just as beautifully as your nails? Why not have your life and everything in it be richly filled like your nails?

I believe that you were designed to live in an abundance of happiness, health, wealth, love and prosperity. I believe that you, yes you, can create the life of your dreams. I believe that it is your Diving birthright to be rich in every area of your life. However, I believe in order to make that happen you must invest in your financial education. You must be a  master of your money. You must think life the rich. You must be a master of your mind and choose the information you want to be implanted into your brain. What you plant into your brain creates a seed. The repetition of seeing, feeling, and hearing things over and over waters and feeds that seed which creates a harvest of beliefs. The beliefs that have manifested into your mind has shaped your attitude and your attitude has created your reality.

Are you ready to change your reality?

If you are ready to accomplish your goals it is time for you to get polished. If you are ready to invest in yourself it is time for you to get polished. If you are ready to take ownership and become a master of your mind it is time for you to get polished. If you are ready to be rich it is time for you to get polished. Yes my friend you are ready for your financial manicure. Be apart of the #1 network to financially empower you to create the life of your dreams!

Change your life TODAY!

Your rich self is waiting on you!

You have so much that you can be, do, or have!

Get your POLiSHED life today!

POLiSHED provides coaching, and group training for young women ready to move in the direction of their dreams. For info call POLiSHED at (641)715-3900 ext. 314247#

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